March 2014 : Flying Toys sensational singing DigiBirds by Silverlit
Introducing a colourful collection of interactive tweeting table top pets, predicted to become the next worldwide phenomenon for children. The animated DigiBirds behave just like a real bird, moving their heads and beaks in time to the birdsong. Simply whistle to start the DigiBird tweeting, or singing a selection of melodies. Featuring a multi-play mode, to allow several DigiBirds to sing a chorus together. Choose your favourite DigiBird to be the leader, and the remaining birds will cleverly synchronise their fascinating movements and singing automatically. An extensive TV campaign is planned to promote the DigiBirds during the run up to Christmas. Collect all twelve distinctive DigiBirds, that each have a colourful character of their own. Available from Silverlit's UK Distributor Flying Toys from Summer 2014 onwards.