Liam is always the first to wake in the morning, he spends most of his days tweeting and singing  with all his DigiFriends.


Addison is the swifest of the digibirds he likes nothing better than soaring the trees searching for his DigiFriends.


Emma is like a ray of sunshine as flies through the air looking for her friend Liam, they love to sing with each other at the days end in the comfort of the cages.


Nathan loves to soar high among the trees tweeting and calling  for his friend Addison they enjoy tweeting and singing in their beautiful cages. 


Anna  and her best friend Amelia love to meet in the early mornng sun and sing and tweet in perfect harmony.


Caleb is always on the lookout for all his DigiFriends, either in the trees or in the pasture where he can lead them all in a great day of tweeting and singing.


Chloe is truly happy when she joins the DigiChicks and Digibirds at daybreak. Were the all join together singing in a dawn chorus.


Amelia loves to sit on top of the trees tweeting hoping to be joined by all her Digifriends and finish the day singing her favourite song.


Blossom loves to gather with all her digi friends in the forest signing and tweeting in perfect harmony.


Jacob is the wisest of the Digibirds, he loves to meet all the  Digichicks and Digibirds to lead them in a chorus of new tunes.


Logan is the most playful of the digibirds.he loves to sing and dance with all his Digifriends in the meadow or high in the trees.


Melody always loves tweeeting and  singing from dawn until dusk. Her favourite times is when she  meet all her Digichicks and DigiFriends singnig in an never ending chorus.


Tweet Tweet, I'm CORA, loves the end of the day. As the sunsets I'm meeting all my digi friends to tweet and sing our favourite songs in perfect a perfect chorus.


Tweet Tweet, I'm MEGAN, I'm the swiftest all of the Digibirds! I fly through the sky and forest ever watchful. My day is only complete when joining all my friends in a tweet and singing chorus.


Tweet Tweet, I'm RIOCA,  a born leader,I'm the most regal and the most trusted of all the Digibirds, no day is complete until all the Digibirds are tweeting and singing together in perfect harmony.


Tweet Tweet, I'm HANNAH, love to spend every minute of my time finding gifts that I can share with all my Digibirds friends, before finishing everyday in a digi chorus.


Tweet Tweet, I'm ELLA, flies through the air  moivng from tree to tree, skipping through the branches on the trees in the lower forest, looking for all the digi birds to join them in tweets and songs


Tweet Tweet, I'm SAFFA, sparkles like a jewel as I weave my way through the morning sky
tweeting out to greet my friends where I can meet and sing in the evening sun.


Spends each and every day flying through the sky and trees where she hopes to meet all of her digi friends to tweet and sing


Gemma is the collector of the Digibirds she spends all of her days in the forest helping all her Digi friends. Her favourite time is singing in harmony with all the DigiBirds.


The beautiful Jade is the jewel in the sky - shining and gleaming as she flies through the air. She is looking for her Digibirds friends to tweet and sing some new songs.


Sophie is the wisest Digibird, she is always telling stories to her friends. At the end of the day they all join in a chorus of song.


Sunbeam loves to greet the new season. Sunbeam likes watching the flowers grow and the trees bloom. Ending the day in a chorus of songs with the Digibirds.


Amber is the queen of the sea. She spends her days with friends splashing and playing in the clear blues waters. No day is complete without a chorus of songs with her Digibirds friends.


Scarlett is always ready to soar through the trees. Her beautiful color brightening the sky. She loves tweeting and singing along with her friends.


BELLA is the most trusted birds among her friends. They always asking her to teach them to sing, tweet, and join the evening chorus.


Dizzy is the most playful among all Digibirds. She loves to sing and tweet when she spins and flies through the air. Meeting with all her Digibird friends to sing and tweet together.


Raindrop loves colours. She lives in the forest high in the hillside spending most of her days ever watching for rainbows. Singing and tweeting with her Digibirds friends.


Blue is the sweetest Digibird. She is always playing and singing with or without her friends. But she is the happiest when joining in a chorus of songs with all Digibirds.


Sunrise always is the first one to awake. She loves to watch the early morning sun as she soars through the sky. Looking for her friends to join in a chorus of singing, and tweeting.


When winter arrives, Snowflake greets the falling snow with all her friends as they all sing and tweet to welcome a new season.


Legacy loves to meet with all of her friends and recall the sunny and beautiful days. When the birds get together, she will sing and tweet in harmony.