Sunbeam loves to greet the new season. Sunbeam likes watching the flowers grow and the trees bloom. Ending the day in a chorus of songs with the Digibirds.

Like a real bird, I move my head, beak, and sing!

  • I sing Solo
    Just a simple whistle/blow to make me sing, over 20 songs & tweets available!
  • I sing in a Choir too!
    Pick one of us to be leader with a whistle, the rest of us will sing together as a team automatically
  • Standard version comes with colorful and connectable Hexagon Bird Stand
  • Put me on the Bird Ring and carry me around with you!
  • 12 different birds, 12 different tweets
  • Download the iOS/Android app for bonus songs
  • Age: 3+
  • Battery info: 3 x “AG13” batteries for operation (Included)
To use the following “Magic Tunes”, you’ll need to turn on the speaker of your computer and have at least one DigiBirds™ to interact with it.
Happy Birthday
Jingle Bell
Bridal Chorus
Auld Lang Syne
The Wheels on the bus
Fire Fighters
Brother John
Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son
Bella Ciao
Mary Had a Little Lamb
My Song
It's Gugusse
The big ship sails on the alley alley oh
Bump Bump
Pippin Apple and Lady Apple
This old man
Secrect Song